Woman accidentally finds 50 photos of her husband having sex with her mum

Ah, family feud?

Woman on computer.

You know, most of the time when you're cleaning up around the house, the most dangerous thing you're liable to find would be some old takeaway you've forgotten about, or MAYBE some incriminating photos of a time gone by when you were into leg warmers. But this Reddit user is obviously having a way worse time than us.

User awakiri12 opened a Reddit thread where she told the story of cleaning up and finding an old USB. Before throwing out the USB, she decided to check what was on it... and what was on it turned out to be 50 photos of her husband having sex with her mother.


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She wrote: "I was cleaning the house. I opened the closet and realized that there were a ton of shoe boxes there. I thought they are unnecessary I'm gonna throw them away. I'm taking them outside and realized that there is a small USB drive inside of one."

"In that thing there are over 50 pictures of my husband and my mom having sex. I felt one thousand times betrayed when I saw them. I supposed the pictures are from before we got married they were at my mom's house but she doesn't own that house anymore," the post reads.

"My husband used to work for my mom that's how I met him but he was just an employee it never crossed my mind there was any attraction since my mom is 30 years older than him. I don't even know if I want to confront him about this it is just so disgusting in my mind. Neither of them ever told me about being together and my mom was really happy for me when she was at my wedding. I just feel so fucking weird."

You're not alone in that, sister.

Reddit users in the thread chimed in with sympathy, similar stories and advice that ranged from 'calmly discuss it with your husband' to 'Bang his dad, take pictures of same position of you and his dad, add images to same thumb drive and put it back in the shoe box and pretend it never happened'.