This older woman's reaction to a same sex marriage proposal will absolutely destroy you


By Sammy Stewart

We don't mean to quote Hugh Grant or anything, but considering the current state of the world it's clear that love actually, is all around.

In what might be the most heart-warming story of 2016, girlfriends Jessica Rodriguez and Chelsea Miller who met on Tumblr four years ago recently got engaged.

Twitter: @Its_Jess_Rdgz
Twitter: @Its_Jess_Rdgz

The proposal took place in the Art Institute of Chicago and seriously gives you a case of the ~feels~.

Carlos Rodriguez, the brother of one of the brides-to-be managed to take a photo of the proposal and it instantly went viral... but not for the reason you'd think.

One woman was sitting in the background and got to witness the joyous occasion. Her reaction was caught on camera and it's honestly the sweetest thing ever.

Carlos has since revealed that he has tracked down the sweet woman who has sent her best wishes for the happy couple.

So. Damn. Beautiful.