A bunch of women recreated the Victoria's Secret Fashion Parade and totally #OwnedIt

Being in my underwear in front of all my coworkers helped my confidence.

By Sammy Stewart

#FACT: There is no singular definition of what's ~sexy~ and these ladies have once again reminded us.

This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was just as glitzy and gorgeous as it's always been, however it's clear that showrunner Ed Razek and his team go for a particular type of model.

And we know how damn hard they train...

Doing their own version of the glamorised event, Buzzfeed video grabbed a bunch of women with diverse body shapes including staff members and model Tess Holliday to see just how it feels to be a VS Angel.

The models undergoing the experience were women of different heights, sizes, backgrounds and gender identities. Some had shaved their arms, other hadn't.

They all got to experience the glam hair and makeup process and later stripped down to their knickers, grabbed their angel wings and hit the runway in front of a group of their friends.

Even model Tess Holliday felt nerves before hitting the runway, "I've definitely never walked a runway in my underwear ever because no one's given me the opportunity."

After hitting the runway, each woman explained how they each felt "exhilarated" by the experience basically fierce AF.

"If you own it, if you believe it, then everyone else will believe in it."

Watch the full video below: