15 surprise turn-ons

Guys notice more than we give them credit for. Here they spill the tiny things you do that make their hearts thump...

1. “When she barbecues. It’s like she’s going into the smoke and owning it, then emerging with an amazing burger.” **Chad C** **2.** “I can’t get enough of cleavage-skimming necklaces, especially if she twists it around her finger and glances my way. It’s impossible not to look: it’s like there’s an arrow pointing straight to her boobs.” **Dave S***

3. “When she’s standing with her back towards me and does this tiny upwards stretch – just enough so that her shirt rides up and exposes her lower back. Those little dimples down there are so hot.” **Brandon T**

4. “I love it when a girl blows her fringe out of her face. It’s this playful, childlike move that shows she has a fun, frisky side.” **Philip J**

5. “The quick switch from high heels into thongs in a car park or on a footpath. It’s almost like she’s getting away with something… and shows she cares more about comfort than appearance.” **Mike D**

6. “Being the first to suggest splitting dessert is awesome. It shows me that she knows how to indulge and she knows what she wants. A win-win in my book.” **Mike S**

7. “A woman who orders scotch or bourbon at a bar is always guaranteed to get my attention fast. Always.” **Brian H**

8. “I once knew this girl who muttered to herself in French whenever she got angry. Ever since then, I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for the under-the-breath aside – in any language.” **Steve P**

9. “Boots + skirt + crossing her legs so that her knee is pointing right at me. Most of her leg is covered, but just this sliver of skin is facing me – it’s very sexy.” **Nic U**

10. “Every now and again, her dropping an F-bomb into the conversation (when it’s used appropriately, of course).” **Heath H**

11. “It’s hot if a woman takes off her jumper to reveal a tank top. It shouldn’t be a striptease, but I love it when it’s done slowly, with a hair shake-out at the end.” **Matt J **

12. “I’m obsessed with a girl’s eyebrow furrow. It shows she’s really concentrating. I imagine her as some sexy Black Widow-like superhero, even if she’s just squinting at a bar menu.” **Joe W**

13. “It’s so hot to watch a girl tie her hair up into a really high ponytail.” **Tommy B**

14. “The hip-wiggle walk in high heels turns me into a puddle of hormones.” **Nathan L**

15. "When a girl smacks her lips when she’s putting on lipstick, it makes me want to pounce on her right there!” **Aaron M **