21 sex questions

When looking for advice, sometimes you just want it snappy. We deliver the dirty details fast and furiously.

21 sex questions

1. What's the best way to have sex in the shower? Turn around, lean your hands against the wall, and let him enter you from behind.

2. How can I initiate getting him to go down on me? When he's kissing you, say "I'd love to have you do that elsewhere."

3. How do we deal with the condom and keep the mood? Put it on for him. Roll half on to his shaft with your hand and the rest with your mouth.

4. I usually need about 20 minutes of foreplay to get me going. Is this normal? Yes.

5. Can you really make yourself tighter through exercise? Yes. Contracting your PC muscles regularly gives you more strength down there.

6. What should I do with my hands when giving oral? Put one at the base of his penis and slide it up and down in sync with your mouth.

7. I have better orgasms when I fantasise about other men. Is that normal? Yes. Women rely more on mental stimulation than men do.

8. How do I fondle his G-spot? Roll the pad of your thumb back and forth over his perineum.

9. If I don't want to kiss him after he goes down on me, what should I do? Kiss other parts of his body - his neck, lower stomach…

10. What's the CAT position? The coital-alignment technique. In missionary, have him move up five centimetres, so his pelvis rubs your clitoris.

11. Where can we try sex in public without getting arrested? The car in the driveway at night. Or a secluded beach: sit on top of him with a skirt on.

12. Sometimes clear fluid squirts out of me during sex. What is it? Female ejaculatory fluid. It can happen during or before you orgasm.

13. Can a guy really have an orgasm without ejaculating? Yes.

14. How can I have a more intense orgasm? Hold a vibrator on your clitoris.

15. Is it true some guys like you to use your teeth during oral? Yes, but test it first by lightly grazing your teeth over his shaft to see his response.

16. Should I give him oral before we start having sex, or will he peak too quickly? Sure, just no intense sucking.

17. How can I make him last longer? Switch positions throughout.

18. I've had a lot of partners. Am I in danger of making my vagina looser? No.

19. What is the vagina's cul de sac, and where is it? It's at the end, near the opening to the uterus. Deep penetration with his penis will stimulate this area.

20. How can you tell he's about to ejaculate? His testicles rise and breathing quickens.

21. I have a hot sex-life but still masturbate daily. Is that weird? No. Having regular sex boosts your drive.