25 moves he wishes you’d try

Loads of dudes have told us the moves that are on their dirty wanted list. Want to know what they are?

Moves he wishes you would try

“Don’t be afraid to be a bit aggressive. The struggle for power is a game that can liven things up. Grab my wrists or arms and be the pinner. It shows me that you’re there because you want to be, and not thinking about the last episode of Gossip Girl.” – Ed S

“Using your tongue the right way can turn a good blowjob into an unforgettable one. Flick it against the head of my penis or trace a squiggly line along the underside. It feels awesome.” - Jason H

“When I’m on top, grab hold of my neck – not choking, just with your hands clasped behind it – then slowly move your hands down my back, gripping or even clawing on the way down. When you reach my hips, grab them and take control. Throw me on my back, with your hands on my chest so you can ride me.” - Zack V

“It’s hot when a girl tells me when and where to climax. But it’s even more of a turn-on if you say something like, ‘I can’t wait to taste you.’ Deep down, guys know semen isn’t that appetising – so we love it when you make us feel as though it’s the best thing ever.” - Andy H

“I love a bit of a ball-massage during an oral workout. Gently rub my scrotum and then apply some pressure to the muscle underneath my balls. It’ll make me go nuts – pun fully intended.” - Warren J

“Tell me what you want me to do with my hands while I’m going down on you. Say where you want me to touch you. Better yet, put my hands just where you want them.” - John T

“Push me against the wall, then make me watch you while you slowly strip. Once you’re naked, kiss me all over, from my neck down to my penis. It’s a super hot way of building up to a blowjob.” - Matt F

“As you’re climaxing, place my hand just above your vagina so that I can feel your muscles contract. It makes me feel like some kind of sex god to know I made your body spasm like that.” - Travis P

“Mid-sex, while you’re on top, make your way up to my head and kneel over my face so I can give you oral while you’re holding on to the bed frame.” - Max W

“When I’m giving you oral, put one hand on the back of my head and press me closer to you, and at the same time push up with your hips. It lets me know you’re into what I’m doing.” - Ian W

“Touch me in three different places at once. Grab my butt, stroke my penis and kiss my nipples. It’ll be as though you’re a one-woman threesome.” - Matthew L

“Dare me to get you wet in less than a minute. Only dirty talk, no touching allowed. Then grab my hand and put it between your legs so I can see if I ‘won’.” - Jed W

“Lift your skirt, pull your undies to the side and bend over for me.” - Chris R

“While we’re having sex, look down and tell me how much you love seeing me inside you. It’s so arousing to know that you enjoy the visual as well.” - Sam K

“The hand is an underrated and underused part of a good blowjob. There isn’t nearly enough friction in just the mouth, so the extra attention is amazing. A little firmness goes a long way.” - Aman G

“When we’re doing doggie-style, playfully turn around and say, ‘Is that as hard as you can go?’ Game on.” - Alexander W

“Flex your pelvic muscles when I enter you. I love the extra-tight surprise.” - Brian T

“Challenge me to an X-rated game of Words With Friends during the day. Whoever scores the most points gets to make a sex demand that night.” - Jarry N

“Instead of going straight for my ear, kiss along my jawline first. Not many girls do that, but it feels so good.” - Allen F

“Arch your back when we’re spooning – it makes your butt look really sexy.” - Kris S

“I sit on top of a washing-machine and you climb on to my lap and wrap your legs around my waist. That way, I get to experience the vibrations too.” - Zachary T

“When we’re making out, switch between sucking on and biting my neck. Get your inner vampire aroused.” - Austin A

“Use your vibrator to give me a massage. Roll it from my butt to my shoulders. Afterwards tease my penis with it, before taking me in your mouth.” - Taylor W

“When you’re on top, tease me before you let me inside you. Swirl your tongue around the tip of my penis, then rub it against your clitoris. keep eye contact with me while you’re doing it.” - Tyler H