25 twentysomething women reveal the best thing guys have ever done in bed

Lifted me up. Put those muscles to work.

By Cosmo Team

In a perfect world, women would orgasm every.single.time. So, what things do guys do that really get women off? asked 25 twentysomething straight women about the best sex they've ever had.

1. "He pushed me against the door, held me up and then threw me on a bed. While doing it, he held my hands up so I couldn't move and that was amazing!" —Julia, 20


2. "We had sex for 45 minutes straight, took a bathroom break, then kept going for another hour…" —Jessica, 21**

3. "Anal and vibrator on the clit at the same time." —Emily, 22

4. "Asked me if 'this was OK.' It was one of my first encounters with a guy who genuinely asked me if what he was doing felt good and asked me what I liked to do in bed. This made the experience so much better because we opened up the discussion to what we both liked." —Ellie, 20

5. "The guy I'm with now really loves eating me out and it's so amazing especially when I look down and see him between my thighs watching for my reaction and all the bite marks he leaves all over my thighs. It's just the best sex." —Leanne, 24**

6. "Told me how good I taste while he was going down on me." —Callie, 21**

7. "Choked me while he was on top, crazy exhilarating having him take so much control." —Molly, 20

8. "Holds my legs up while having sex... Creates a great angle when he is on top." —E, 21

9. "It wasn't exactly in bed, it was in the shower, but he lifted me up and pushed me against the wall. Probably some of the best sex I've ever had because he was spontaneous and aggressive (in a good way). It was so hot." —Karen, 26

10. "Tied my hands." —Charlotte, 20

11. "I told him to do whatever he wanted to me so he tied me down and blind folded me. Not knowing what he was going to do me next really kept me on my toes." —Shelby, 21


12. "I have always been slightly insecure about my naked body but one guy I was with after undressing me just stared for a few moments. At first I felt very vulnerable then he muttered 'wow, I'm so lucky'... I've never been more turned on." —Elle, 20**

13. "I was just sitting on top of him, straddling him after we made out a little (we were naked) and he didn't say anything he just pulled my vagina up to his face and started eating me out mid conversation. It was awesome." —Katherine, 25

14. "When my boyfriend starts kissing my back, moving toward my neck at the same time as he swirls his fingers around my nipples. I get the best tingles in the world from that." —Emme, 23

15. "Lifted me up. Put those muscles to work." —Lindsay, 21

16. "Asked for consent." —Lani, 20**

17. "Pulled my hair." —Sophie, 23

18. "Surprised me with a we-vibe and let me take control. There is nothing sexier than a man who has enough self-confidence to bring an extra toy into the bedroom just for my pleasure (and his)." —Jasmine, 24

19. "After eating me out, my ex would come up to stick his fingers in my mouth before kissing me... drove me absolutely nuts." —Leslie, 22

20. "One time, a guy and I looked up the most ridiculous sex positions and, without actually having sex, tried to do every single one. Hands down the most fun I've ever had in bed." —Amy, 20

21. "We orgasmed at the same time. It was unreal." —Kaya, 23

22. "Kissed me slowly all over my body." —Andie, 22**

23. "Made it all about me. Too many times guys make it about them." —Brooke, 20

24. "A guy once slipped a finger into my butt while going down on me. It was other-worldly." —Hannah, 23

25. "Gave me a rim job while fingering me from behind." —Lexie, 21

Well, there you have it! The ~truth~ has been revealed.

Well, there you have it! The ~truth~ has been revealed.

Source: Cosmo UK