These are the 6 physical features men find most attractive in women

According to science.

By Natasha Harding

If, like us, you hate spending a shittonne of time getting ready for dates, we’ve got some good news to you. Rather than enduring hours of fake tanning, leg shaving and nail painting madness (which, let’s be honest, would be MUCH better spent with a box set of Suits and a bag of Doritos), science says there are just 6 simple traits that men find most attractive in women. And they take almost no time to master. Thanks science.

According to the Business Insider, every time a man checks a woman out, he’s completing a ‘reproductive fitness assessment’. Translation: guys’ brains are programmed to suss out how healthy and fertile women are and, consequently, how suitable they’d be for carrying their babies. The more reproductively ‘suitable’ an individual supposedly looks, the more attractive they tend to seem. Romantic, huh?

So, what are these magic 6 features you ask? According to the data, they include:

1. High voice. A study cited in the video found that high voices are associated with youthfulness and having a small, feminine body, which guys find hot. So, basically, there may be a scientific reason why we scream when we see guys like Ryan Gosling.

2. Wearing red. Yup, it’s more than just a myth. Turns out that wearing anything from a red dress to a swipe of red lippy increases men’s attraction with the same results holding true even in animals (LOL). Sound easy enough.

3. Wider waist to hips ratio. More specifically, the 7:10 ratio is apparently the optimal proportion, with wider hips being associated with childbearing and dainty waists emphasising the curve-factor. While body shape isn’t as easy to alter, it definitely explains why Kim K’s waist trainer has gone crazy popular.

4. Less makeup. It appears guys actually DGAF about your winged eyeliner or strobing skillz. In fact, they’d prefer you to wear less of it. Sold.

  1. Healthy hair. The longer, shinier and fuller the better. NBD if you don’t have naturally luscious strands, any excuse for a blowdry will do, right?

6. Smiles. Kay, this one’s probs pretty obvious, but it needs to be said that guys aren’t terribly attracted to Debbie Downers. So show that you’re happy, and maybs pick up some whitening toothpaste next time you’re at the shops as pearlier whites are supposed to be even better. Side note: results found that women are more attracted to men who smile less. Weirrrrd.

Either way, this is just what science thinks. When you go out to your local bar, it seems guys aren’t really that complicated and are just happy to get laid at all. And so they should be - 'cause us women are amaze.

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