Amy Schumer on oral sex

We can really relate to this hilarious sketch.

Amy Schumer on oral sex

Comedy genius and all-round BOSS woman, Amy Schumer, knows how to deliver some serious life truths in her sketches, and “Hiker Bones” is no exception.

In this ridiculously accurate video, a guy offers to go down on Amy applause, and Amy warns him it can take her a bit of time to reach the big ‘O’.

He doesn’t hold back and goes down her anyway, venturing into her vagina. She proceeds to order takeaway and gets deep into a “Long Russian Novel”.

The guy resurfaces later, only to have aged 30 years, and taps out on sex.

We’ve probs all been there and totally cringed, but Amy always know how to spin any awks situations into funny AF material. Keep it coming (sorry, not sorry). Check it: