New survey determines times of "peak horniness"

Are you a sex for breakfast or midnight madness type?

Because apparently there is a need for this information, 2,300 hot ‘n’ bothered folks have participated in a survey about when they feel most in want of the dirty. And the results showed a divide that might just have us worried.

According to the study from sex toy company Lovehoney, it turns out guys and gals are in totally different sexual time zones. "Men are ready for sex just before breakfast whereas women most want passion last thing at night," Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said to the Daily Mail.

While you'd think guys would be up for it MOST of the time, the results do show that they're actually most ready to bang between 6 and 9am. Interesting.

The results also suggest that women are all about business before risky business, with most females preferring sex from 11pm to 2am.

Things then get even more specific - unnecessarily so, we'd say - as the study narrows down the exact time men want sexytime. It's 7:54 a.m, FYI. And women’s PM peak? 11:21 p.m.

Additional survey questions found that only 11% of gals wanted sex first thing in the AM, while 16% of guys wanted it last thing at night. Again, we’re surprised.

Also noted, 68% of women and 63% of men have dated someone whose libido differed to theirs. #SadLyf

"It is no wonder that couples can sometimes struggle to maintain a healthy sex life when they feel frisky at such different times," researchers said.

The study concluded that people settle down with lovers who share similar sex drives to theirs. And if you're in the minority, try alternating between AM and PM sessions to keep both parties happy. Sex is awesome at any time of the day.