Are you too busy for love?

"You're single because you're too busy." Could this be true?

Too busy? I hear you cry, "Me? Of course not. And I’ll tell you why... but first, I just need to buy that dress online, go to my yoga class, have cocktails with the girls, attend my Italian evening class and clean the flat. And the car." Sound familiar? When I was single and moping about the house wondering why, one of my male best friends answered the question for me: “You’re single because you’re too busy.” It was a simple, straightforward answer that caused me to gulp my wine frantically. What did he mean? I’m didn’t have enough time for love? “You women are scary at the best of times but now you’re all so busy and accomplished it makes you even more unapproachable," he said. And you know something? I think he has a point. Let’s take my best friend Kristine as an example. She’s been single for four years now, but her social calendar is something Lindsay Lohan would be proud of. If she’s not out having dinners with her best friends, going to her cocktail making class or teaching yoga, she’ll be writing her novel or planning her next world trip. Another friend of mine has decided to do an evening course in cake baking, and one in wine tasting, and another in zumba. Which means, when she’s not busy, she’s usually sleeping. So why do all the single women out there focus so much on ‘me time’ instead of possible 'me and him' time? How is any man supposed to fit into a busy schedule long enough to be able to make an impression? And, is a woman with so many extra curricular activities going to come across as intimidating to a man who perhaps is only a member of one sports club? Are us women trying to achieve everything too soon? Sure, we might have the CV the size of a uni dissertation, but what about taking time out - just a minute - to look at that man in the bar, chat him up and see where it takes us? You never know, it could be something else to put on your to do list... him!