Australians Dating In New York—What You Need To Know

I’m sorry to disappoint, but so far ‘trialling’ Manhattan hasn’t been as easy and fun as originally thought.

Overcoming the cultural differences between the typical Aussie guy and the typical American guy is challenging and sometimes overwhelming for Aussie women.

To demonstrate the differences between the two species I will set the scene for you.

Typical Aussie guy at a bar: Pretty girl walks into the bar, Aussie guy checks her out but pretends he doesn't notice. He stays with his mates as pretty girl plays a little eye-flirting from across the room. Aussie guy looks back a couple of times but continues chatting with his mates until pretty girl is at an arm's reach and then maybe (just maybe) he casually smiles and nods in her direction.

Typical American guy at a bar: Pretty girl walks into the bar, American guy and pretty girl make eye contact. American guy instantly moves in with a bottle of Dom Perignon, tells the girl how beautiful she is and insists she is coming home with him tonight. He assumes she's up for it because she made the eye contact - it's all he needs. American guys have even told me that if a girl dresses up for a night out, she is asking to get picked up. It's unconvincing that we just want to look nice and have fun with the girls.

Now you can see how much of an adjustment this is for a girl who has always been used to the laid-back, too cool, too busy with his mates' Aussie attitude. (Not that this is a good thing.)

My first instinct is to run in the opposite direction because if he's so interested so quickly there must be something wrong with him, right? (This is yet another blog topic I will get to). But as the nights rolled on, I noticed this is the typical behaviour of many American men (not all, but many).

They can be over-confident, over the top and always keen to tell you what celebrities they know and to show you how much money they can throw around - A.K.A they are douche bags.

You may be thinking just go for the Aussie guys over there (and there are plenty) but the Aussie guys in New York are actually worse than the Aussie guys back home. On top of the laid-back attitude genetically linked to them, they now have this "cool and sexy" accent to work.

That, combined with the one male: three female ratio we're faced with in NYC, they are swarmed with girls - models and A-listers alike. Aussie guys in New York try even less… and pick up even more.

Especially as American girls are very similar to American guys and will skip the eye-flirting games and subtle flirtatious behaviour to move in for the kill in the first five minutes of introduction. Aussie girls have our work cut out for us here to nab an Aussie bloke in New York!

I know I shouldn't complain, attention from guys from any country is nice. I realise I need to quit being so wary and appreciate the complimentary nature of the typical American guy but all I'm saying is it may take some getting use to and I need ease into it.

I have actually accepted a dinner invitation from one of the OTT guys so I'm at least giving it a go but 'trialling' five in one week will not be happening any time soon!