Australia’s sexiest suburbs according to EliteSingles

NSW, you little horndogs, you…

Wanna know which area codes have the largest libidos in Australia? Of course you do.

Ok, we’re not sure we’re digging this methodology entirely but whatever. Dating website EliteSingles asked over 25,000 people from across the country to answer how strongly they agreed with the following statement “I have a strong desire for sex”.

Um, is that a trick question?

Well, apparently not. They then use the data to deduce which of the country’s ‘hoods are most sexually active.

NSW apparently love fiending more than the rest of Australia, claiming five of the “sexiest” suburbs in the top ten so big congrats to NSW…

Victoria had four.

And there’s obviously ‘something in the water’ (dad joke, not sorry), as eight of the top locations were by the sea.

Here’s the full and very scientifically accurate list:

Highest libidos:

  1. Coogee

  1. Manly

  1. South Melbourne

  1. Cronulla

  1. Port Melbourne

  1. Broadbeach

  1. Darlinghurst

  1. St Kilda

  1. Bondi

  1. Brunswick

Lowest libidos:

  1. Shepparton

  1. Caboolture

  1. Sunbury

  1. Glenroy

  1. Albury