11 sex positions inspired by 'The Bachelor'

You'll never look at a rose in the same way again…

bachelor sex positions

The Bachelor Australia is certainly heating up as we edge closer to the season finale. Girls are starting to fall for Matty J (because, who wouldn’t with those abs?!) and there have been snogs left, right and centre on pretty much all the single dates.

Though there is ~supposedly~ no sex in the Bachelor Mansion, there have been a few moments this season where sex was definitely on the cards. We’re looking at you, Elora, and your little bush date

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So, hypothetically, if The Bachelor and the Bachelorettes could get it on, what would they do? Where would they go?

We have put together a little inspirational list for the Bachie contestants, which ties sex positions to their classic Bachelor activities. Think hometowns and the Secret Garden, but with a very raunchy twist.

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Here, ten Bachelor-inspired sex positions: