Bad-girl sex

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Bad girl sex tips

GRAZE YOUR TEETH GENTLY over his index finger while he’s taking you from behind.

DIG YOUR NAILS into his bum as he thrusts into you. Hold him inside you, not letting him move for 30 seconds.

USE YOUR BRA to bind his hands together behind his back. Then cover your nipples in edible toppings and command him to lick them off.

HAVE HIM LIE ON THE FLOOR totally naked. Shimmy into high-heeled boots and walk in circles around him, stopping to press the heel of your boot into his bare skin.

AS YOU’RE RIDING HIM clamp down on his earlobes and pull on them to rock forwards and backwards.

SLICK LIP-PLUMPING GLOSS (the stuff that stings a little) on your mouth, then kiss sensitive spots on his body.

BE DOMINATRIX-Y and rock only a leather jacket, then sit in a chair and instruct him to go down on you.

TIE HIS WRISTS to the bed, climb on top until he’s on the brink of an orgasm… then stop until he begs for more.

BLINDFOLD HIM then give him bitchy directions, like “Touch me here. No, not there! Here.”

TIE A SILK TIE loosely around his penis, then roll it up and down his shaft for a silky handjob.

ON THE SOFA climb on his lap and lace your fingers in his hair. Tilt his head back and kiss him long and hard.

ORDER HIM to paint your toenails while you wear a miniskirt with no undies. The view will drive him wild.

HAVE HIM STAND UP then bind his ankles to a bedpost. Bend over and let him enter you from behind. Unable to move, he’ll be totally at the mercy of your thrusting.

USE THE BACK OF A BRUSH to swat at his things when he steps out of the shower – wet skin is more sensitive.

MAKE HIM WATCH a porno – without touching you or himself. If he tries, slap his hand away.

HOLD A fruity iceblock against his nipples, then lick it off.