Burn calories like an Olympian… by having sex

Smash your own records, errybody.

By Lorna Gray

So the Olympics are in full-swing in Brazil as we speak. And it’s hard not to feel like a grotesque couchpotato-esque monster when you’re watching those taut humans do their thang.

But some geniuses over at online doctor Dr Felix came up with something that brings out the Olympian in us all. Kind of.

This handy(?) infographic that compares sex positions to Olympic events.

Look, we’re not saying doggy-style for nearly an hour is a plausible life choice. And a 20-minute hand job doesn’t quite make you an Olympic javelin thrower.

But, in the spirit of the Sex Olympics – Go Team! Definitely way more fun than that PT sesh.

Bonus points for doing it at the same time as the event in question. We’re joking. That’s creepy.

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