Bigger isn’t always better

Apparently men who are better endowed are more likely to be cheated on.

Let’s face it - women worry about the size of their breasts, and men worry about the size of their… ahem, package. While bigger boobs are stereotypically considered more attractive to men, the old adage that a bigger penis made you more desirable to the opposite sex might be a little off.

Out of Kenya is a new study that uncovered a surprising truth about marital relations – the bigger a husband’s penis, the greater the likelihood is of his wife is straying.

The team of researchers surveyed 545 married couples in Kenya, giving each a 15 inch ruler to measure the man’s erect penis size and asking each individual (separately) about their relationship habits.

When measuring his size, when there was a discrepancy between the husband’s and wife’s result, the team took an average (or used the estimate of the partner who was less likely to lie). LOL.

"Every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times," the research uncovered.

"Women associated large penises with pain and discomfort during sex which precludes the enjoyment and sexual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel." Um, what?

Women who were married to a well-endowed man felt like cheating was their only option, because having sex verged on painful. One participant claimed, "Some penises may be large yet my vagina is small, when he tries to insert it inside, it hurts so much that I will have to look for another man who has a smaller one [penis] and can do it in a way I can enjoy."

Besides penis size, things like domestic abuse, age and being denied sex (or your favourite position) influenced a woman’s desire to be unfaithful.

But hold up – what’s all the fuss about women’s infidelity? Isn’t it just as likely that men would cheat too? Well… yes.

In the case of this study, the focus was on women because the researchers were concerned about the spread of HIV among women in Kenya, and hoped that understanding their reasons for unsafe sex would help prevent it.

Whether big-penised partners lead Aussie women astray is or not remains to be proven.