Blow by blow

Let’s be frank ladies, guys love blow jobs. Fact. So here we are giving you all the info you’ll ever need to give him the best BJ. Ever.

Why guys love blow jobs

Getting started

This is a marathon not a sprint, so don’t just jump down there and go for gold, you need to work him (and yourself) up to it. Start by letting your mouth graze his ear, while you’re whispering what you want to do him. Then make your way, with your mouth, from his lips all the way down the torso.

Don’t ignore his nipples, they’re just as sensitive as yours, so swirl your tongue around them and then make it firm to flick the tips. Move down to his southern erogenous zones: rub your lips along the hip bones, there are loads of nerve endings here. Also tease a little by kissing and stroking the inner things without actually touching his package.

Show him you’re into it

Essentially dudes love a show, so after you’ve got him worked up, make your way to his shaft and kiss up and down it lightly, maintaining eye contact with him the whole time. Trust us, he’ll be thinking about that moment (among others) all day long.

Just the tip and sides

Before you actually start the BJ swirl your tongue around the underside of his head, this is where the frenulum is and there are super-sensitive nerve endings here. Lick like you’d lick a lollypop and flick the tip with your tongue, it’ll send him into another world of pleasure.

Then make and “O” shape with your mouth and move it down the sides of his penis, like you’re playing a harmonica. Finally keep a flat tongue and lick the underside like an ice pop. Do these three things and trust us, he won’t know what hit him.

Get going

While your mouth is where it’s at, your hands can be, erm, handy during oral too. They will provide added stimulation plus give you more stamina (dividing the work load). Try focusing your lips on the head while moving a circular grip with your hands up and down his shaft. Or cup one hand at the base of his penis and lightly squeeze, using the other hand to assist while you lick and suck the top half. Your cupped hand will increase the blood flow to the head, magnifying the pleasure you’re giving.

Also try join your thumb and index finger in a ring and hold them below your mouth, then let your fingers move with your lips as you suck up and down his penis, this will double the good times for him. The key is to alternate between these styles to start with and keep him guessing. Join the ball game

As much as you might like to, you can’t just pretend these two guys don’t exist. There are lots of nerve endings on his balls, so every now and then make a detour down there and gently lick and suck them while manually handling his shaft. It’s also ultra-sensitive where his scrotum meets his perineum, so press this spot with your tongue to give him a jolt of bliss.

Ditch the hands and switch gears

Mix things up by varying between a slow, sensual pace and faster, more intense speeds. Too much stimulation too fast could cause him to finish quickly, cutting your sack session short. Once you have him well and truly warmed up, try going hands-free for a while, taking his whole penis in your mouth and letting him dictate the pace.

Top of the mountain

Right as he is about climax, increase pressure with your mouth (and your hands). At the height of arousal the firmer grip feels really good for him.

Want to try something different? Give these a go:

Get lubed

Put some lube on your lips, like lipgloss (hold on, stick with us) and then move your mouth slowly up and down his penis, applying some light suction to the underside of his head – this will be a new (slippery) sensation for him.

Give him a hummer

With your mouth cupped around the head of his penis, make a light humming noise that resonates in the back of your throat. Then move up and down, this will feel amazing for him if you massage with your tongue at the same time.

You’re hot and you’re cold

Try experimenting with temperature: take a mouthful of water and hold a small piece of ice under your tongue, then continue as normal. The warmth from your tongue and chill from the ice will blow his mind.