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If you love mystery, intrigue and some seriously steamy scenes add this book to your sexy reading list, stat.

Naked Sushi

Do you love to solve mysteries, think you are the next Sherlock Holmes or like reading about hot, passionate, dangerous sex? If you answered yes to any of the above then Jina Bacarr's novel Naked Sushi is for you. It’s sexy and full of action and you can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Pepper O’Malley is a stunning, tech-savvy redhead who has a hot encounter with a sexy stranger in the copy room of the software company she works at. While Pepper is living her ultimate fantasy, it suddenly becomes a nightmare when she is sprung by her boss and loses her job. Pepper seeks revenge on the man who seduced her, but she somehow ends up tangled in helping solve an FBI case.

Pepper’s incident in the copy room not only unleashes her inner spy as she attempts to win back her job, but her desires for her mystery man grow and she begins to learn more about the people she used to work with…

Naked Sushi has everything you could ever want in a book; action, sex and desire. With its racy plot it will have readers yearning for more.

Naked Sushi is available to purchase from October 15. To buy a copy head to