Breast sex ever

Is the boob-only orgasm an urban myth or the sexual Holy Grail?

Breast sex ever

“I hate boobs”… said no guy ever: we all know most men love a bit of breast action and new research shows us that we should totally be encouraging them. Yep, your dude being all about the chest is a good thing.

Why, you ask? Ladies, say hello to the breast orgasm: a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found erotic touching of the nipples activates the same region of the brain as vaginal and clitoral stimulation. This means you can have the big O from nipple stimulus alone – no genital action required! #winning.

Researchers asked a group of women to self-stimulate different areas of their body (the nipples, vagina and clitoris) for 30 seconds while they were hooked up to a machine that tracked which area of their brain was activated. By doing this, they saw that the genital sensory cortex was stimulated in the same way in all three cases.

And in even sexier news, according to women's health expert, Dr. Jennifer Wider, you may even be able to see your breast orgasm coming. Your nipples go from pale to a deeper hue the more you're aroused – as your blood flow increases when you're turned on. This indicator you’re super turned on may help you (and the guy you’re with) climax.

You will all be relieved to hear that researchers also specified that there is a big difference between good touching and bad touching, stating that the nipples are highly sensitive and anything too rough (read: twisting, yanking) will actually be really painful. It’s also worth keeping in mind that breast sensitivity changes with the menstrual cycle, so what might feel awesome one week, will feel like daggers in your boobs the next.

We’re also pleased to read that the end goal is to study how an orgasm moves through different parts of the brain, to discover why some women find it so hard to have a proper O. Now that’s good news!