How to bring passion back to your bedroom after marriage

Routine is often the death of romance.

By Cosmo Team

When it comes to bedroom play, routine can often kill the romance — and, let's face it, nobody wants to be stuck in a romping rut. Alas, we have sourced some expert advice from Canadian author of My Messy Bedroom Column, Josey Vogels, for some (steamy) sex tricks to ensure your boudoir is the hottest its ever been.

Try something new

Buy a vibrator, drip hot wax on your partner while dressed like a naughty nurse. Pushing the limits will bust the routine, liven up your sex life and keep you wanting more!

Speak up!

bout your sexual needs, desires and frustrations (in a loving and kind way, of course). Encourage your partner to do the same. Start a weekly sexual revelation ritual: You show me one thing you like or don't like and I'll show you mine.

Do something sexually for your partner he/she is into, that maybe you're not

Not only does indulging your partner make them feel special and loved, you may surprise yourself and discover things you never knew you'd get into. And bonus, your partner will be more likely to indulge you in some of your own personal preferences.

Remember quality over quantity

Stop reading all those surveys that make you think everyone else is having way more sex than you are. Are you two happy with your frequency? The quality? If you're not, talk about it and figure something out.