broad city sex scene

‘Broad City’ now has its own line of sex toys!


By Katie Stow

The girls behind Broad City — AKA Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson — have just launched their very own sex toy line, and it is unbelievable.

The Broad City Pleasure Collection includes ~literally~ everything. There is a wide array of toys in a variety of different sizes — lipstick dildos, love eggs, rabbit vibrators and G-Spot wands can all be found here!

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Not kinky enough? How about the vibrating cock ring, kegel balls (with a secret stash compartment), butt plug, and masturbation eggs?

The collaboration famously includes the Broad City Pegasus Pegging Kit — “Peg Like a Queen” — for adventurous couples looking to mimic Abbi’s infamous pegging scene in season two with her hunky neighbour, Jeremy.

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Before you launch in and purchase, there is no confirmation as to whether these toys are dishwasher friendly, so watch out before you load them up!

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P.S. Here are some tips on how to properly wash your sex toys before you ruin these ones after one go.