Can sex up your fitness levels?

A new study finds that a sex sesh can burn you some serious calories. happy dance

We love it when studies find that things that are enjoyable are actually good for us. Knowing that our daily dark chocolate fix or cheeky glass of pinot noir could have health benefits has us internally high fiving ourselves. So when we hear that a mind-blowing sex session could be giving you the same benefits as exercise, we are all ears.

And that’s just what the lovely researchers at the University of Quebec have done (seriously, we owe these guys big time). Professor of exercise science Antony D. Karelis decided to enlist 21 couples for the study. They jogged on treadmills for 30 minutes while wearing arm bands that measured the calories they burned. They also wore them when having sex.

The results? They’re pretty damn satisfying. They found that for a 25 minute sex session (and that’s including foreplay too) women burned 3.1 calories per minute, while men burned 4.2. And considering the average couple has sex for 24.7 minutes, that’s 69 calories burned while you're having fun! How many of you can say that about your spin class, huh?

According to sex and relationship expert Isiah McKimmie, sex has a whole range of awesome health benefits.

“Sex is great exercise because it gives you a good cardio workout, burns calories and tones muscles,” explains Isiah. “It can also reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke and it boosts your immune system. There’s also research to support that it can improve your hair and nail health and reduce your risk of osteoporosis.”

So ladies, if you feel the need to spend a day in bed “being lazy” and having sex with your man – you have permission to never feel guilty again. You’re basically just being an elite athlete, right?

While sex does happen to be awesome exercise (did we mention we love you for finding out, University of Quebec?) it doesn’t burn enough calories for you to leave out normal exercise altogether. So don't give up your pump session just yet.

So what positions will up your chances of getting some serious sexercise?

“Moves where you are on top and in control are the best as they require weight bearing and force you to do most of the work,” says Isiah.