5 ways to use condoms that have nothing to do with not getting pregnant

Never let it be said that condoms aren't versatile AF.

mean girls coach carr condoms

As Salt-N-Pepa once said let's talk about sex, baby. Or more specifically condoms. (They didn't say that, we ad-libbed.)

Condoms have been around forever and ever — fun fact: the first rubber condom was produced in 1855 and men were fitted for their own custom-made reusable condom hence Mean Girls' Coach Carr and co. calling them rubbers — but we still use them in a fairly conventional way 90 per cent of the time.

Here we break down five, umm, creative ways to use condoms aside from as the ultimate way to practice safe sex and avoid sexually transmitted infections — which goes without saying.

1. To apply foundation

If you're a fan of YouTube beauty tutorials, you're probably already familiar with the BeautyBlender + condom foundation hack pioneered by beauty vlogger Laila Tahri. Basically, to stop your makeup sponge from absorbing heaps of product, you put the sponge inside a condom and apply your foundation for a super-smooth base. PRO TIP: For flawless coverage, be sure to remove ALL traces of lubricant by rinsing the condom under warm water before you start.

2. As a stress reliever

Feeling frazzled? If you've got a spare condom and some flour, you've got yourself a solution. This helpful and weirdly '70s-style YouTube video shows you how to get your DIY stress ball on. Step 1: fill a condom with flour. Step 2: forget about the weirdness. Step 3: Let your worries drift away. The end.

3. To waterproof your phone

Anyone who's ever wrecked a phone at the beach or exercising (damn you, boob sweat) will relate to wanting to waterproof your phone. Enter: condoms. Sure it sounds crazy, but using a condom to waterproof your phone actually has many benefits: condoms are cheaper than a standard waterproof phone case, you can still text and scroll when the condom's on and they've proven to be waterproof. So what are you waiting for? Stock up today. We recommend Moments Condoms Ultimate.

4. To open jars

Condoms still come in handy when you're going through a dry spell. Use them to open stubborn jars that refuse to budge; it'll give you the extra grip you need. Be sure to use lube-free condoms otherwise you'll be slip 'n sliding all over the place. And don't be wasteful — you can use the condom more than once (for jars, not sex obvs). Some pro jar openers even recommend cutting condoms into rubber band-style strips.

5. As a vagina ice pack

There's a lot of shit that no-one tells you about having a baby, like how condoms will be your best friend. Not. For. Sex. But filled with water and frozen to make a 'vagina popsicle' for when you're in serious discomfort down there. They're the perfect shape and size to fit between your legs and provide a cool relief after labour. Don't believe us? Google frozen condom trick.

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