Cosmo staff recommend… Fearless

Fearless is seriously perfect holiday reading – the type of book you don’t want to put down, and when you do, you can’t wait to get back to it.

Your main girl, the protagonist Gia, is endearingly sensible and the practical one of her four best buddies. And that just makes her saucy adventures all the more tantalizing and engrossing – because as a reader you identify with her hesitance and her nerves. There’s a Sex and the City circa 2013 vibe to the friendship group – with Gia and her three besties Sara, Caryn, and Jessa covering all levels of sexual confidence.

Everyone but Gia shares really graphic juicy details of their sex lives over salty martinis, which makes her feel prudish, when she’s far from it. Spurred on by her best girls, Gia decides to chase the hottest guy in her office. Cut to Vegas, where Gia goes incognito to seduce Luke…

We’re not going to reveal much more about what happens next, because you need to read it to believe it yourself. Let’s just say it all gets hot and sweaty and kinky, and you’ll probably want to re-enact a lot of it with your sexy times partner.

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