Decoding his bedroom eyes

Is sex on his mind? A new study says it all in his gaze...

Decoding his bedroom eyes

A guy is staring at your chest, you can be pretty sure sex isn’t far from his mind, right? According to new research the answer is a resounding yes! Researchers from the University of Lincoln in the UK have shown that a man’s gaze can tell you if he’s interested in doing the dirty with you. And it goes a long way in revealing his sexual personality too: the more his eyes linger on your hips and breasts, the more sexually “compulsive” he is, meaning he has a higher libido than your average guy.

To prove it, researchers gathered 30 men and 30 women between 18 and 25, and asked them to look at pictures of clothed children, early-20s adults and adults in their late 30s or early 40s.Then they had to fill out a survey about their “sexual personalities”.

Scientist found that men’s gazes were drawn to the hips and breasts of women close to their own age, but not to the bodies of the children and older females (who they weren’t interested in bedding). Guys who were bigger risk-takers and more “compulsive” lingered longer on female body parts than others. No big shock there. So now you know for sure that if a guy is starting at you, and particularly checking out your chest or hips, then he is probably keen as mustard.

What’s surprising is women who are “highly sexually compulsive” were just as leery as some of the men when they checked out the bodies of other females, particularly the group of 20-year-olds. Researchers believe it’s because they were comparing their own figures to the others.

So why is gaze so important? If you’ve ever found it hard to tear your eyes away from a crush, you know how hard it is to control your peepers. That’s why the eyes are a great way to learn a lot about a person’s preferences and weaknesses. Our pupils dilate when we’re attracted to someone and earlier studies have shown they can reveal sexual orientation in men and gay women - straight ladies are more of a mystery as they are aroused by sexual images of men and women.

Scientists are now taking the research one step further and are applying it to sexual offenders, apparently with good results. They hope to use it as a method for showing if an offender has been rehabilitated and to gauge how likely they are to reoffend.

We can’t help wonder if women’s gazes are hard to read because we don’t need images to light our fire. Previous studies have shown that when it comes to sex, we’re a lot less visual than men. So a guy’s eyes really are the window to his sexual soul - like a moth to flame, he finds it hard to look away.