Can you spot the couples having sex in these beautiful landscapes? (NSFW)

Drone Boning is the most stunning nature porno you'll ever see.

By Emma Barker

Brandon LaGanke, a Brooklyn filmmaker, wanted to send a message of peace, so he shot a porn movie from a drone. "We wanted to explore the whole idea of drone privacy and strikes — this idea of 'make porn, not war,'" he told Vice.

In the movie, delightfully titled Drone Boning, the drone soars over stunning landscapes, a tiny couple having sex in each. A man sexing a woman in a vineyard. Two women doing it on a rooftop. A threesome on a grassy mountaintop. A couple 69ing on a beach.

Even though you can barely see any details of the humping bodies, the whole thing is strangely erotic. LaGanke, though, disagrees. "I would never shoot a real porn like this," he told Vice. "The plan was to take beautiful landscapes, and just put people fucking in them." Fair enough!

Watch Drone Boning below and decide for yourself.