Feel like a dud?

Here is how to release your inner sex goddess and nix your sex hang-ups.

TRY… making a dartboard with Megan's face on it. No, no - we jest. But you do need to remind yourself that the images in pop culture and porn aren't accurate representations of the breadth of the human form. Does your guy look like Channing Tatum after he's dipped himself in body oil? Probably not. "Find a yoga, meditation or breathing class where you can learn to experience reality through the body, rather than through the representation of it," says Juventin. Basically so you can teach your mind to stop writing cheques no body can cash. IF YOU'RE… TIMID IN THE BEDROOM BECAUSE YOU LACK EXPERIENCE OR CONFIDENCE.
TRY… getting to know yourself. Really getting to know yourself. The more you know about your own body and how it likes to be pleasured, the easier you'll find it to let him know, and discover what he likes in return. That's right, we mean (shock, horror!) masturbating. If you feel like that's something you might have to warm up to, start off with a sex toy - the fact it's doing most of the work makes it easier for you to relax and get completely lost in the moment. Try the Purple Passion Pleasure Kit ($69.95, - it's simple, non-intimidating and has everything a beginner needs to get her engine revving. Trust us, you'll be amassing experience in no time. IF YOU'RE… HAVING VANILLA SEX AND WANT TO MIX THINGS UP WITH YOUR GUY.
TRY… discussing it. There's no way around it - this issue requires a little chitchat. Unless he's been accidentally having sex with your pillow, he's most likely picked up on it, too. Someone needs to start the conversation and, unfortunately, that's a bit of a female specialty, so bite the bullet and bring it up. Your guy won't be offended if you say you'd like to spice things up in the bedroom - in fact, he'll either be secretly relieved or quietly excited. And remember, adding new moves to your repertoire doesn't necessarily mean stocking up on chains and whips - it can simply mean spending more time on slowing down foreplay or watching some soft porn together. Whatever floats your boat. IF YOU'RE… TOO OBSESSED WITH YOUR BODY HANG-UPS TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.
TRY… "practising being present to the sensation in your body, so your awareness is focused on the experience," advises Juventin. This means consciously making note of every sensory input, from each time an inch of his body touches yours, to how the bedsheets feel on your skin, to the smell of his sweat on your lips. The more you concentrate on what's going on around you, the less you'll be able to worry about your thighs. The idea is to be so involved in the moment you won't have the head space to think about anything else. Guys are particularly good at doing this, so take note of how he's acting, and follow suit. (PS Men actually like it when your boobs jiggle.) Words Emma Markezic. To read more on this topic, buy the October issue of Cosmopolitan.