Find his hot spot!

Want to set him on fire? Then read Cosmo's guide to the male erogenous zones...

Find his hot spot

We love turning on our guy, but we’re not going to pretend to be martyrs here. The more hot and bothered he is, the sexier and more aroused we feel. It’s a delicious cycle, and everyone’s a winner!

So if you want to really drive him crazy, we can tell you how to push his horny-as-hell buttons.

The erogenous (that you really need to be giving some love) zones are:

Inner thighs. The inner thighs are extremely sensitive, and being so close to his package, it can help get him in the mood fast. Try some gentle stroking or light nibbles to set him on fire.

The P Spot. Named after the prostate gland, it is a small bump located just inside the anus, which we hear can lead to really deep orgasms when stimulated. They do call it the “Male G-spot” for a reason!

His nipples. Not only are they very sensitive, but they’re often neglected too. Give them a quick flick or nibble and watch his reaction! Remember not to be too rough.

Perenium. The what?! It’s the nerve-rich area located between the genitals and the butt. You know that little flat bit? Well, it can really turn a guy on - explore it with your fingers or tongue, rubbing gently.

Ears. These are a major erogenous zone for men. Suck, lick and (gently) bite his ear starting on the earlobe and working your way around the edge.

His mouth. Don’t underestimate the power of the mouth. Take your time with it.

Scrotal skin. The scrotum (or balls) is seriously sensitive and often neglected during sex, make sure you give it some attention, a small fondle will do.

The penis head and side (where the tissue is the connected to the foreskin). This is biggest erogenous zone in the entire body so concentrate the majority of your efforts here.

Nape of the neck. Wonder why everyone loves vampires? A little neck nibble is hot! Take your time slowly (and lightly) biting and kissing him to get him in the mood.

The back of the knees. If you have any recollection of Ally McBeal, you’ll remember a certain character had a nifty trick making girls weak at the knees with a little back-leg fondling. It seems he wasn’t so strange. As it’s relatively hairless, the back of the knees is more sensitive. To add a little zing, touch the back of his knees in a circular motion with a firm touch. Yes, it sounds a bit cumbersome during the throws of passion, so try it early on in the seduction.

Lower abs. The area between the belly button and pelvis is a hot spot because it’s so close to the genitals it’s responsive to stimulation. So what are you waiting for? Add a little sexual tension with some playful kisses.

The feet. According to the ancient art of reflexology, the heels are a trigger points for sexual arousal. Why not give him a sexy foot massage?

What is your favourite erogenous zone?