Find out the most popular sex toy in your city

Way to spice it up, Darwin!

By Katie Stow
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While data isn't always the most interesting thing to trawl through, when it comes to stats around sex toys, we’re all ears! Lovehoney have just released their numbers on sex toy searches within Australia, and it has revealed A LOT about what each capital city is looking for in the bedroom.

But before we launch into the ~nitty gritty~, you should probably know which city is the most likely to be searching for sex toys. Any guesses? Well, it’s none other than Sydney town! The NSW capital had the highest traffic and bought the most — seems like life in the big city requires some, er, assistance?

Now let’s break it down to see what sex toy is favoured in each city. The results may surprise you...

Sydney’s favourite sex toys

It seems that Sydney loves a cock ring, with the little peen-accessory coming up trumps in Sydney searches. Cock rings were closely followed by strap ons and wands, as well as the good old classics of dildos and lube.

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Top 5 searches in Sydney

1. Cock Ring
2. Strap On
3. Wand
4. Dildo
5. Lube

Melbourne’s favourite sex toy

Matching up with Sydney, Melbourne also favours a cock ring — but second place wasn’t a strap on, and instead is some simple lube, and in fourth place were butt plugs!

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Top 5 searches in Melbourne

1. Cock Ring
2. Lube
3. Strap On
4. Butt Plug
5. Dildo

Adelaide’s favourite sex toy

Adelaide may have played copycat with its favourite sex toy — choosing cock rings — but the city switched it up with its second place slot, picking ‘crotchless’ for their sex toy silver medal. It seems the slowest city in Australia is actually in a bit of a rush — claiming that they don’t have time to slip their knickers off before they get down and dirty.

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Top 5 searches in Adelaide

1. Cock Ring
2. Crotchless
3. Lube
4. Nipple
5. Anal

Darwin’s favourite sex toy

Darwin was the only city to not choose cock rings as their ultimate fave sex toy. Well, it did come second, but in first place wasn’t just one sex toy, but instead a whole range! Darwin is fangirling HARD over Lovehoney’s ‘Desire Range’, which is a set of pretty plush up-market sex toys. Nooiiiccee. Darwin shook things up with the second half of their search list, including love eggs, anal lube and tongue toys. It’s always the quiet ones you need to watch out for…

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Top 5 searches in Darwin

1. Desire Range
2. Cock Ring
3. Egg
4. Anal Lube
5. Tongue

Perth’s favourite sex toy

Little old Perth followed its eastern cousins and hit up cock rings as their number one search, but followed it up with an array of sex toys, including: Strap ons, dildos, nipple toys, and the western wild card — latex. Daayumm Perth, clearly you’ve been channelling some Kimmy K latex dress vibes in between the sheets, and frankly, we couldn’t be prouder.

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Top 5 searches in Perth

1. Cock Ring
2. Strap On
3. Dildo
4. Latex
5. Nipple