Get more from his…

Make the most of his member with this guide to getting him as hard as you want.

Here at Cosmo, it’s our mission to make sure you have spectacular sex. Now, new research is shining a light on a different piece of the action puzzle: how the quality of your guy’s erection affects your pleasure.

The rationale is this: the harder he is, the more stimulation he can provide – which will, in turn, make sex more satisfactory for you. And science can tell us how we canmake him stiffer! “Certain nutrients, sexual techniques and lifestyle factors absolutely affect the potency of a man’s erection, which helps to improve his partner’s experience as well,” says Dr Steven Lamm, author of No Guts, No Glory.

We spoke to experts who gave us the full monty behind five erection-improving secrets – plus how to implement them on the sly.

Stock up

Dark fruits, such as blackberries, have a lot of anthocyanins – potent antioxidants that are an erection’s best friend. A student at Indiana University found arteries treated with them were better able to hold on to nitric oxide – which allows blood vessels to expand, making room for the blood that rushes to the penis when a guy gets aroused.

Be in bed early

Peckers in peak condition typically have one thing in common:they’re attached to men who log at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. “Men experience erections during the REM cycle of sleep,” says Dr Lamm. “This means fresh blood is being driven into the penis, which ensures it’s getting the nourishment it needs.”

The second factor is mental. “Morning erections are common, but what people don’t realise is that it’s not just because testosterone is highest then,” says Barry McCarthy, author of Men’s Sexual Health.

“If he’s getting enough deep sleep, he’s dreaming, which is the body’s way of renewing itself psychologically. His mind is a fresh palette in the morning, and with no other thoughts or anxieties competing for his attention, he can focus 100 per cent on sex.”

Booze less

All our experts agreed on this point: alcohol improves sex only insofar as it makes people feel less self-conscious. But physiologically, booze is an inhibitor. “It reduces testosterone formation in the testes, so it’s more tricky to get a top-notch erection,” says McCarthy. This means that when your guy is under the influence, he’s unlikely to get hard enough for you to get the best from him. So make sure that neither of you has had more than two drinks before getting busy. Or better yet, stay sober.

Do it on empty

If there’s ever a time when a man’s performance is sure to disappoint you, it’s when he’s deep in a food coma. “After a large meal, the blood he needs to produce an erection goes to his stomach to help digest the food,” says Dr Lamm. And if he chowed down at a fast-food joint, it packs a double wang-waning whammy. “When there are a lot of extra fats circulating, it stuns the cells in the body that are responsible for redirecting the flow of blood to the penis, so an erection isn’t going to form easily,” explains Dr Lamm. Instead, get ready to pounce on him after a very light meal.

Seize his second wind

Now that you know how to make him Superman-strong, consider this interesting little nugget about increasing his stamina so you can snag a bonus round in the bedroom: the secret is to seduce him one hour after you’ve already had sex.

According to Dr Lamm, those 60 minutes are known as the refractory period – that is, the amount of time it takes a man’s penis to recover fully after ejaculation. “Doctors have discovered that after an hour’s worth of rest, men will last longer during the second round of sex than they will during the first,” explains Dr Lamm. Sneaky!