Good bye, bad dates!

Our sex columnist Tara has found the secret to picking the best date spots ever…


I’ve had my fair share of dreadful dates. Dates so bad I’ve considered giving up on the on whole love shemozzle and instead be a lifelong spinster with a cat. I’ve been serenaded in graveyards, sat through foreign films with no subtitles, I’ve even had a tour through an abattoir!

Obviously, all of these dates sucked. Big time. And it got me thinking about why it’s so hard to plan a romantic rendezvous that doesn’t involve dead things. Seriously.

And you know what I discovered? It really isn’t so hard to plan a bangin’ date. Now I create dates myself and totally avoid the possibility of my potential suitor getting it all wrong. But I have a secret. Almost all of my dates have been tried and tested by someone else.

Ladies, I give you HeyLets, an app for all things fun, interesting and covered in awesomeness. Your very own guide to what’s hip, happening and worth trying, written by those have tried it.

And it’s a goldmine for date ideas! Here’s how it works…

Say you go to a bar and you love it: the cocktails are amaze (and the bartender has a delicious derrière). You take a snap,upload it to HeyLets, say what’s great about the place (bartenders bottom), and bingo! Now anyone with a similar interest in cool bars (you select your interests when you sign- up, so the recommendations you see are tailored for you) can see your experience and know where to head for a great cocktail and some eye-candy. It’s that easy.

And it’s not just for bars and restaurants: you can find all sorts of super cool stuff on here to help plan a spectacular date, from after-dark adventure parks to midnight movies.

Another feature on this little puppy is the ability to “follow” people. Say you’re totally digging the experiences shared by a particular person, like a celeb or socialite, just hit “follow” to stay in the know on where they go, - then copy their fun! It’s basically legalised stalking - kidding!

So whether it’s a night with a new guy or your long term love muffin, say good bye to the same old lame dates and get on board the HeyLets train. Because a hip new bar beats an abattoir every time, right?

Tweet me @MissTara_O and let know me your fave place for romancin’.