Guys’ fave position is…

Dudes dig doggie-style. Fact. But if this doesn't exactly rip your nightie, there are ways to adapt it to make it gooood for you...

In new US show The Conversation, host Amanda de Cadenet gets personal with stars including Alicia Keys and Gwyneth Paltrow – we’re talking does-the-carpet-match-the-drapes personal. One thing she tries to get her guests to admit is their fave sex position. Top of the list? Doggie-style.

Really? You’d think a position with more of a pleasure payoff, like cowgirl, would top their lists.

“We know guys love doggie-style because it’s animalistic – literally, you see it on Animal Planet,” says Jamye Waxman, a sex educator and co-author o fHot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight. “It’s not a position we associate with female orgasm. But we should, because there are many ways to make it work for you.”

If, like your guy, you’re a fan of doing the doggie (or even if you’re not), try out these three different versions designed to bring you home for the win.

Doggie Domination

With your guy lying flat on his back, straddle his legs on all fours, facing his feet. Keeping your hands on the bed, lower your butt so that he can enter you.

This angle is great for a couple of reasons: one, because you’re technically on top, you get to control the pace and depth of penetration; and two, you’re in the perfect G-spot-stimulating position.

“Arch your back and ride him in a forward and up-and-down motion to really target that spot,” says Waxman. “Plus, seeing your back arched with your hair tumbling over it is an erotic view for him.”

The Magic-Carpet Ride

If you don’t already own a shag-pile rug, get yourself to Target and throw down some notes for a bath mat, pronto. You want a small one, so it’s easy to move around, and you want shag pile because it’ll feel plush against your bare skin.

Waxman recommends slipping a vibrator underneath the mat (this way the sensation isn’t too intense). Lie down, and position your pelvis over the vibrating area while your guy keels above you and enters you. He’ll have to cobra his back and use a rocking motion – which is ideal, since this small movement will help you grind against that sweet spot.

The Bee’s Knees

Play with the placement of your knees. “It’s natural to spread your legs so he’s kneeling between them,” says Waxman. “But zipping them tight can make his penis feel thicker and make you feel tighter to him.” Plus, the further apart his knees are, the easier it’ll be for him to lean forward and play with your clitoris.

And here’s a good-to-know rule of thumb for making sure he never thrusts so deep inside you that it’s uncomfortable: the higher your butt is in the air, the deeper he can penetrate you. The lower it is, the more restricted his motion will be.