Have better orgasms, fast

It’s easy: you just need to find a really hot guy to go to bed with you…Henry Cavill would do for us.

Want to have harder, faster, strong "Os"? It’s simple, you just need to bed a babe. A new study has found that women who have sex with someone they think is a major hottie will have better orgasms. Henry Cavill-lookalike, anyone?

The study of people’s sex lives discovered that ladies who rate the guy they’re with as masculine, dominant and handsome will have awesome sex and more intense orgasms. Have you ever heard a better reason to talk to that good-looking man at the coffee shop?! Cheers

The research, published in Evolution and Human Behaviour, also revealed that if you’re uber-attracted to your bed mate, you will also orgasm at the same time or just after him, which increases your chances of getting preggers.

So this study also proves that the female orgasm isn’t just fun for us, it has an important biological function. Apparently our climax might even be a way of us selecting the best genes for procreation (read: the genes from the hottest guy). The news just keeps getting better.

According to researchers, a woman is more likely to get pregnant either one minute before or 45 minutes after a male has ejaculated. David Puts, lead author, wrote: "We found that objective measures of the quality of women's mates - men's attractiveness and masculinity - significantly predicted the women's orgasms.

"Earlier-timed orgasms suggest more intense sexual arousal and indeed are associated with greater sexual pleasure." Ladies, you’re welcome! Now go find your sexy man...