Have you got Tinder?

It seems the whole world does, so what’s all the buzz about? Our Cosmo girl about town gives it a go…

We are all doing it, so why aren’t we talking about it? I did it last week and it went well, and then I did it again and that time was even better! I’m talking about the red hot, new kid on the block, the dating app that almost everyone has...TINDER.

For those of you unfamiliar with this little happy appy, let me fill you in. It’s like Scout but different, it’s like Blender but better, it’s not like all.

You download and sign in using your Facebook account (don’t worry your timeline will stay free of all your Tinder action) but it will borrow a few pics and use your friends’ contact lists to let you know if you and your new Tinder buddies share any mutual pals. This is fabulous for a sneaky background check and sussing out whether or not he is out on parole.

And then... it’s game time baby! Literally. Just like an old school game of snap, you flick through profile pictures until you spot a spunk, and then snap, you heart him. And if he has hearted you on too... well, it’s a match and you win (a potentially awkward virtual conversation, that may or may not lead to a date). The niffy thing about this app is that if there is no likely from both parties....then no talkies. So you don’t have to deal anyone who a) isn’t already a bit interested in you, and b) isn’t someone you’d date even if they were the last man alive.

I gotta say I wasn’t super tickled at the chance to road test another dating app. I’ve been left with a mental rash after too many 16-minute love affairs with cyber chaps, until BAM! out of nowhere they send me a doodle photo. No thank you! So was it just going to be more of this on Tinder I wondered?!

Curiosity killed the cat and I dived on in and got me a Tinder profile.

It really is super easy to create a Tinder account and before I knew it I was thumbing through handsome faces. There is of course the odd topless selfie peppered throughout, but generally the app has a more wholesome Facebook vibe, than a “let’s just honky tonk” kinda atmosphere. I was delighted at how many normal looking dudes there were, and my interactions with them on the app restored my faith in digital dating.

Because let’s face it, online dating gets a pretty bad wrap, a stinky stigma that makes people pretend they have never logged on, or that it was only for shiz and giggles. But in an age where we reach for our iPhones before our knickers, why don’t we all just accept that rules of matchmaking have changed. There is no shame in finding someone special via social media, in fact it’s kind of romantic: two strangers falling in love via textual discourse. A meeting of the minds, before the bodies!

But a word from the (not so) wise: Cyberland is not without its bad eggs. Use caution, save all the juicy personal details for when you see his face in human form, and somewhere super public. Stranger danger my lovelies!

Other than that I say go forth and Tinder. Have fun, be open to new faces and different conversations, use this little baby to get out of your usual social circle, and meet a different type of fella. I bet you’re pleasantly surprised.

I know I was! Toot Toot!

P.S. I’d love to know if you have had any success or disasters on Tinder, tweet me at MissTara_O and let me know!