Help! He’s more adventurous than me in the bedroom…

Don’t stress, ladies. You don’t have to be a “Fifty Shades of Grey” character to spice your up love life.

By Edwina Carr
He's more adventurous than me in the bedroom

The sucky news? Your man is way more adventurous than you in the sack. The good news? You don’t have to don a gimp mask or beat him with a whip to unleash your wilder side. All it takes is a few secret sexy weapons that make for seriously fun times.

Play dress-ups

Pick a character (naughty nurse, French maid, policewoman; the list is endless), grab a costume and surprise him in the bedroom. Why? Not only is the costume a guaranteed turn on, pretending to be someone else can help you to let go of your own insecurities.

“When you dress up and engage in role play you are acting a part, so it gives you permission to say and do things you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to,” says sexologist Vanessa Thompson.

Get foreplay started early

We know starting foreplay at 10am when you’re seeing your guy that night sounds a little, well a lot, early but hear us out. Exchanging sexy pictures and texts about what you want to do to each other during the day will heighten the anticipation come night-time. By the time you do see each other you’ll be ready to tear his clothes off.

“Sexy texts are great for spicing things up. Just be careful about what you send and if you can, try not to include your face in the pics so you can’t be identified if they get leaked somehow,” says sexologist Vanessa.

Shake up the location

Sex in your bed. Every. Single. Time. Gets a little boring, huh? It’s time to take it outside. “The same positions and techniques in another place can feel totally new. Different sights and smells often heighten our experiences of sex,” says Vanessa. So grab your man and have sex in the great outdoors. Too racy for you? Try out a different room in your house or scrap the bed and find other surfaces to get busy on.

Film it

OK, so we’re not encouraging you to go all Kim Kardashian on us by producing a viral sex tape but making a film of you and your man doing it can seriously up the adventure levels.

“Being in front of a camera can bring out your adventurous side and give you an adrenaline rush that can take your enjoyment to a whole new level,” says Vanessa. Learn from Kimmy K’s mistakes by keeping it somewhere only you know about.

Initiate sex

Always wait for your guy to initiate sex? Surprise him be pouncing on him as soon as you see him next. It might not seem like a big deal but you taking the reins will be a huge turn on for him.

“Being more adventurous in the bedroom doesn’t have to involve grand gestures. Initiating bedroom action is a small way you can show you have a wilder side,” says Vanessa.