Hot yoga

Want supercharged orgasms? Of course you do! Find out how the exercise can amp up your sex life...

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that having a super bendy body can be major plus for your sex life (hello, every Karma Sutra position). So it’s not a stretch (so to speak) that yoga can make the horizontal mambo better than ever.

“Yoga works the cardiovascular system, increases flexibility, clears the mind of chatter and junk and encourages energetic flow, which conditions the body for some amazing sexual activity,” says Advanced Relationship Coach and Sexpert Chantelle Austin. Sign us up right now, please.

So what is it about yoga that will take your sex life from dull to damn hot?

You can try a whole new range of moves

There are some major bonuses to getting flexible through yoga, “One of the upsides to extra flexibility is less injury for a start – no one wants to have to forego sex because of injury. But you can also enjoy more comfort in various positions and are better able to get into some of the more adventurous ones for some variety,” says Austin.

You don’t need to learn to put your legs behind your head – although any yogi worth their chai can – even getting nibble enough to hug your thighs to your chest can give your guy room to try deeper moves.

Stronger orgasms for you – and him

Yoga isn’t all about bending, it also has a lot of strength-building poses that can upgrade your “O” to epic proportions. A lot of the standing positions (where you need to carry your own weight while twisting in weird ways) you do in at yoga force you to work your pelvic floor muscles. Also known as kegels, these muscles are in control of your bladder, bowel and uterus. This might not sound sexy, but if your kegels are strong they can help you have a harder, faster, stronger orgasm.

“The stronger they are the more intense the orgasm, and the ability to experience multiple intense orgasms increases… who doesn't want that?” says Austin.

Plus as an extra bonus, if you squeeze your super-strong pelvic floor muscles when your guy orgasms, it’ll boost his “O” too. Everyone’s a winner!

A clear head can amp your sex drive

“Yoga helps calm the mind, release the stress and reenergise the body, all of these things play a major role in having energy for sex, but also inspires a frame of mind which is open to sexual stimulation,” says Austin.

The ancient exercise can help you focus on your body and encourages you to listen to (and act on) what it’s telling you, for example, “I really want to get freaky right now.” Also by keeping stress to a minimum, yoga can keep your sex driving humming.

“Busy women (more so) find their libido drops off or ceases to exist because they’re so busy in their heads with fears, worries, concerns and long to-do lists. It has helped many men and women connect back to their bodies and improve their ability to cope with day-to-day stresses that can kill their sex drive,” says Austin.

The couple that does yoga together boost endorphins together.

If you want to try something a little different, partner yoga is great for building intimacy. It focuses on doing two-person poses so it takes a lot trust (“Don’t drop me!”) and keeps you nice and cosy physically. It also means you’re both getting an endorphin boost at the same time, and when you’re feeling super energised post-workoutr, fun things can happen.

And don’t even get us started on Bikram yoga with your BF – all that body heat and glistening sweat…you get the idea.