7 ways to have mind-blowing long-distance sex

You may live hours away from each other, but these LDR-cementing secrets will help you stay close.

How to do long distance sex

Embrace sex tech, like...

All the technology you need to crank that LDR of yours into overdrive. Your Smart Vibe won’t be the only thing that’s supercharged. Power up, ladies.

ZipaClip: Basically, it’s Snapchat on steroids. The top of the line in secretive sharing, this free app lets you send encrypted videos and messages to any other user. The best part? The app blocks your recipient from saving the message to their phone or forwarding it to anyone else. It’s the ultimate sexting app – all ScarJo, no scandal.

CoverMe: If ASIO was running a sexting operation, this is probably what it would look like. This free app uses encryption technology to create a vault in your phone for storing all your private photos and vids, and sends self-destructing messages instead of dangerously shareable texts and pics. It’s like you’re the James Bond of LDR booty calls.

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Couple: This app lets you and your beau build a private timeline filled with all of your VIP events and moments, like you’re living one life… on your phone. A feature called Thumb Kiss lets you smooch through the phone, too – both mobiles vibrate when you guys touch the screen in the same place. Talk about e-harmony.

Vibease: Does Bluetooth technology really get you going? It will now! Vibease ($84*, is an exciting, brand new vibrator that connects to your smart phone using, yep, Bluetooth. You simply wear the vibrator (which fits discreetly in your underwear), and your partner then controls the vibe using an app on their mobile – from anywhere in the world. Get ready… it’s playtime!

Make the waiting game exciting

The great part about being separated for long periods of time? Mental foreplay lasts for weeks. Make a pact to try something new every time you’re together, and spend the “away time” sending each other sexy suggestions. The fun is negotiating what your sex-ploration will entail so, when you finally pull that new move or get busy at the public location you’ve found, every single touch will be a rip-off-your-clothes moment.

Go old school

Add a little mush to your antics and leave gushy, Nicholas Sparks-style love notes for him when you’re apart. The only thing more romantic than an airport ILU-fest is finding the cute follow-up in his medicine cabinet the next morning.

Skype skills

Sex over Skype can walk a fine line between hot e-sex and digital gyno visit. (Zoom is not your friend here!) Aim for the former by keeping your computer directly in front of you – not tilted up or down, which will distort your image, funhouse-mirror-style. Turn off ceiling lights and any other bulbs above your head, and opt for a desk lamp next to the computer. Lighting from eye level is scary sexy, while lighting from overhead or underneath is just plain scary (think: spooky campfire shadows). You want to look like you’re going to keep him up all night because you’re a sex goddess, not because you’re going to tell him some gory ghost stories!

Send a special delivery

Send him an care package for his, er… package. Fill a box with some sexy new lingerie, a few condoms, some lube and, depending on how generous you’re feeling, a fun sex toy or two. Then send it to him with the note, “We’ll need all this on my next visit…”

Watch and yearn

We get it – Skype sex gets old. Instead of figuring out how to show your goodies to the camera without falling backwards out of your chair, tell your partner to lie in bed while you watch the same naughty video together as you each, um, spin your own reel. You’ll make it happen on your own, but the sexual sync will add a layer of intimacy that’s hard to feel through distance.