How to stop yourself from having sex on the first date

How do you put the brakes on when you're in a new relationship?

By Cosmo Team

Don't try to deny it. We all know that in every relationship, early on in the dating phase, we all like to at least appear hard to get. But we also know that sometimes controlling our inner urges (especially when it's been a while) gets a little too much.

This is why we (well, at least my friends and I) have set up these temptation road-blocks so when it comes to crunch time — no matter how hard it is to resist — we are forced to hit the brakes to ensure our façade stays intact.

So what are these so-called 'temptation road-blocks'?

We're talking about when you...

— Accidentally-on-purpose leave those legs unshaved
— Accidentally-on-purpose miss that Brazilian wax appointment
— Accidentally-on-purpose fake tan only your shoulders and legs… and, the ultimate
— Accidentally-on-purpose wear your beige bra and Bridget Jones knickers.

I always thought it was my own little trick I invented so I wouldn't succumb too early on, but when I mentioned it to the girls over brunch, I found I wasn't the only traffic controller in the building.

For me, the road-blocks have usually worked. Maybe that's because I generally only use them when I know I'll be able to hold out… but still, they've worked nonetheless.

On the other hand, my ever-so-sweet and innocent friend, hasn't had the same luck. After a few champagnes on date number two with a promising guy, she convinced herself it would be okay to slip up 'just this once' and never mind the nanna knickers and prickly legs.

The following morning she was mortified. She used all the road blocks but still caved. He didn't seem to mind the pasty legs (in fact he tried for round two!), but Casey ran out before he could roll over. Since then, Casey has sworn herself off road-blocks in case she faces another moment of weakness.

So what have I learnt from my friends experience? If there's ever the possibility of going from a red light to orange, then it's best not to risk it… or at least keep it to a road block minimum (meaning I'll be seeing my bikini waxer a lot sooner than originally planned…)

I've got to say, if I were her — I'd have stopped at the servo, bought myself a razor and asked for the key to the bathroom, stat.

So, on my date number two this Saturday, I'll play it safe and stick to the ugly underwear block, but hide some frenchies in my bag. A girl's got to be prepared, right?