Is this the future of condoms?

Good news for people who hate using rubbers.

As much as they’re imperative for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, there’s still a stigma surrounding condoms.

Some men and women say they find the rubbery texture unpleasant and their fiddly nature annoying, but - good news - one new company reckons they’ve found a way around that.

Their alternative condom is called the Galactic Cap (yes, really). And while it might sound like some sort of sci-fi fashion accessory, it’s actually a kind of condom that only covers the tip of the penis. So the old “I can’t get it up with a condom” excuse will be blown out of the water.

Warning: NSFW!

The product is made up of two parts: an adhesive base that sticks to the tip (and stays there for days at a time – apparently it’s waterproof) and a cap that sticks to the base of the penis and goes on right before sex.

Its inventor, Charlie Powell says he was inspired to create the new and improved condom after a friend contracted HIV. The US based product is currently not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so there’s no official word yet on how effective or safe it is. Powell is looking to crowdfund his idea via an IndiGogo campaign launching June 1, he then plans to seek FDA approval.

If it works as well as he claims then this could be the best contraception invention since, well, condoms.