Is this the future of sex?!

Robotic condoms now exist. Don’t all rush out at once…

Condoms are the double edged sword of the sex world. They’re totally necessary in preventing pregnancy and STIs, but let’s be real, they don’t exactly improve sex. At all.

Which is why we’re placing our hopes and dreams in Georgia Tech students Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer. Answering a worldwide call out from the Gates Foundation to invent a “Next Generation Condom”, the two students have created the “Electric Eel”.

The Electric Eel (seriously, who came up with that name?!) has electrodes running down the length that produce mild electrical pulses along the underside of the penis shaft, as a way to make up for the decreased sensation that we all know condoms can sometimes cause.

But before you declare that you’ll never have sex with an electrical penis, hear us out. The electrodes operate on a safe voltage so the only real electricity in the room will only be between you and your guy.

And while Robo-condom (our name is way better, right?) might be a total lady boner killer to look at, don’t despair – it’s just a prototype.

There are currently two options in the works, one with wires and electrodes sewn into an actual condom and the other with them sewn into a sock-like sheath. Said wires are connected to a LilyPad Arduino microcontroller, which apparently acts like the brain of the Eel.

Urm, sexy…?!

While we get that the Electric Eel might seem a little to 2050 for you and your lady parts, it’s still pretty awesome that science-y peeps are dedicating their time to improving the experience of safe sex.

So, who’s game to try it?