There’s a 24 hour condom delivery service

They’re eco-friendly, socially responsible and delivered via bike messenger.

L. Condoms is a company “dedicated to world changing sex”. No – it’s not the kind that rocks your world, and your bed, until the early hours of the morning. It’s the kind that delivers condoms directly to you, and also to a HIV-effected country in sub-Saharan Africa every time you place an order.

While they’re only based in San Francisco and Manhattan at this stage (disappointing, we know), if things carry on as well as they are, there could be some serious expansion.

The company claims that sales have increased by over 500 per cent in the past year, and in the last month alone sales have tripled.

“People are definitely using the service – they’re using it at all hours,” the company founder and former photojournalist, Talia Frenkel told Huffington Post.

L. condoms are made from high-grade latex, are glycerine and paraben-free (vegan) and are delivered by a bike messenger at any hour of the day, or night - within one hour of ordering. The company’s aim is to make sex safe and fun while still making a positive change in the world.

“As a photojournalist, I saw a lot of suffered but none as preventable as HIV,” says Frenkel.

She created the one-for-one company to help minimise the spread of the disease in third-world countries - and to create a condom people actually wanted to use.

Their website reveals if one out of 20 people chose L. condoms over another brand, the prevention needs of the three countries with the highest HIV prevalence rates can be met.

Possibly the best part? There’s no cringeworthy exchange when the messenger delivers a discreet black bag of condoms to your door at 2AM. They’re literally ‘just the messenger’ and have no idea what they’re delivering you.