These photos show what women REALLY look like when they orgasm

Lauren Crow wants the world to know what women actually look like when they cum.

What women look like when they cum

Photographer Lauren Crow just got as real as it gets where sex faces are concerned. After getting a sick of the typical “:O” face that is seen in way too many sex scenes and porn, Lauren made it her mission to capture the facial expressions women make when they are pleasing themselves, their way.


Her project titled, “The little death”, is a series of photographs compiled of Lauren’s willing friends and people she found on Craigslist.

On her blog, Lauren describes her inspiration behind the project was fuelled by the unrealistic portrayal of sex in the media, “In a patriarchal society, women are flooded with information on how to be and how to look in order to please others, namely men. “

“We are afraid to talk about it and when it is shown, it is from the male gaze in media such as pornographic films, which in general are made by men for men. These films, unless you truly understand their production and falsity, give people the wrong idea of what it really is to see a woman in a state of pleasure.” She writes.

So, how did the whole thing go,er, down?

Explaining to Refinery29, Lauren made sure all her participants felt comfortable. "It was just either me at their space or them at my space, and we would set up a bed or a couch or something. They would be nice and covered, because one of the main things... is that I'm always trying to make people feel safe... reminding people, 'This is about you' and 'You're in control... anytime you don't feel safe, just let me know, and you can stop.’”

Lauren added. “It was really intimate and kind of special to get to be involved in that kind of moment. But then, I'm also trying to make myself part of the background, so they're not distracted and uncomfortable. I felt really special that they would share in this moment with me."

Lauren also intended to create diverse project, with women of all ages, professions and ethnicities.

"I try to make this clear — that not everyone is a cis-female in this project. And I'm trying to diversify my work as well. Because as a white artist, I don't want to just have white people."

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