29 times Samantha Jones was a sex GENIUS

She taught us so damn much.

Samantha Jones Sex and the City Life Lessons

1. That time **she taught us all about science.**

2. Or when she stood up for womankind.

3. And then we learnt from her mistakes.

4. When she inspired with her uplifting mantras. Amen, sister.

5. When she answered the eternal conundrum of date night fashion in one sentence.

6. When she educated us on the importance of me-time.

7. When she bossed multi-tasking.

8. And taught us honesty is the best bedroom policy.

9. She also broke down dating barriers.

10.  And showed us how to call it like we see it.

11. She taught us all about the 3 Cs. And that gay men rule.

12. She's the master of dishing out tough advice.

13.  And giving no fu*ks about haters.

14. Her breakup wisdom is endless.

15. That time she nailed independence and priorities all in one go.

16. When she taught us to stand up for things we believe in.

17. And that love knows no boundaries.

18. She was the first person to let us know that happily-ever-after isn't for everyone.

19. And the first person to teach us this.

20. She served up realistic relationship advice.

21. And expanded our bedroom vocab.

22. She schooled us in politics.

23. And getting our own way.

24. She gave us #RelationshipGoals.

25. And showed us how to deal with compromise.

26. She taught us all about politeness.

27. And told us things straight.

28. Told ya.

29. This one taught us nothing. But still... LOL.