Like a virgin

Still waiting? Don’t worry, apparently the longer you wait the better the reward…

When we reach a certain age and still haven’t popped our, erm, metaphorical cherries, we tend to get a little anxious… well, stress less. In addition to not having to worry about pap smears, STIs and bikini waxes, losing your virginity later in life has been found to help you enjoy more satisfying relationships according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Texas found that people who didn’t have sex until they turned 20 (or even later) are more likely to end up in a happy relationship. So waiting it out for the right man over the first man seems to actually pay off?! Try telling that to us when we were hormone fuelled teenagers.

Just to put the white picket fence on your happily ever after, the study also found that people who “wait” are also more likely to have had a university education and work in a well-paid job. Who knew it was as easy as keeping your legs closed.

The psychological scientist leading the study, Dr Paige Harden, said: “People who have their first sexual encounter later…could be pickier in choosing romantic and sexual partners, resulting in a reluctance to enter into intimate relationships unless they are very satisfying.”

So in other words, after holding out for so long you don’t exactly want to just give it away to the first beefed-up dude who buys you a drink at the bar.

Before this study not much was known about the long-term outcomes of rushing into sex at a young age. Dr Harden set about investigating whether the timing of sexual initiation in adolescence might predict romantic outcomes, such as whether people get married or live with their partners, how many romantic partners they’ve had, and whether they’re satisfied with their relationship, later in adulthood.

This has left us wondering if the Debbie and Sue from Puberty Blues are in satisfying relationships?!