10 types of sex you’ll have in a long-term relationship

And how to keep it fresh throughout the years…

By Katie Stow
sex in long-term relationship

Settling in to a long-term relationship is lovely and wonderful and comfortable — but it can sometimes mean that your bedroom activities get a little too comfortable as well, if you know what we mean…

If you've been shacked up for a while, you might recognise the 10 types of sex you'll have during your long-term relationship. Some might be few and far between, but this always a good list to come back to if things are getting a little ~stale~.

Shower sex

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The soapy saviour of all busy couples! Why not kill two birds with one stone by cleaning up and getting diiiirty all in one go. Looking for some assistance? Try these rub-dub-dubbingly good shower sex toys.

Car sex

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It may seem a little juvenile, but having a sneaky sesh in the back of your car makes you feel like reckless teenagers again, and that is HAWT. Just remember that when you do, do it at night — you don’t want to scare the locals with your full moon in broad daylight.

Morning sex

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Sure, your breath may stink and your hair is a total mess, but sometimes that just-woke-up-sun-peeping-through-the-curtains moment is all the inspo you need to get it on. Morning sex is also a great way to start your day, as you are guaranteed to be less grumpy and far more awake!

‘Sssh the housemates are home’ sex

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Oh the joys of sharehouses (or even staying over at your parents' place)… Keeping silent and supressing those moans can be quite a turn on though — although no one is ever as quiet as the think they are, so get ready for some judgey stares in the morning!

Experimental sex

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You’re deep into your long-term relationship, and by now, you know exactly which buttons to press on each other to achieve that oh-so-magical orgasm — but sometimes, you want to break the mould of routine, and try something new. This is where ‘let’s try something new’ sex kicks in.

Perhaps you’ll watch some porn together and mimic the scene, or you’ll try a bit of role play, or maybe it was just that your best mate just tried some butt stuff and now you want to give it a go too. Whatever the scenario, this is prime time to shake up your long-term sex, even if it just results in mass giggles and promising each other to NEVER try that again.

Christmas sex

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It’s the time of the year when you over-indulge and have far too much time on your hands. Yes, you may be stuffed to the brim with turkey and chocolates, but why not spend your boxing day arvo celebrating with the one you love — literally.

‘Doing it, because we haven’t in a while’ sex

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Sometimes the everyday stresses of life get in the way of you getting it on. You’ve noticed that for the past couple of weeks you haven’t been getting jiggy with it — in fact, you’ve almost been too shattered to rustle up a cuddle. But, because you love your partner, you make a conscientious effort to stay awake and have some special one-on-one time. No doubt it'll brilliant and you have the best night’s sleep ever afterwards. WIN WIN.

‘We spent $150 on this hotel room’ sex

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There is something about splashing out on a hotel that demands sexy-time. Whether it’s the exhilaration that you're in a new setting, or the sound knowledge that someone else is going to have to clean up the next day, something about a hotel room shag seems extra special. Plus, you’ve secretly always wanted to be one of those smug couples through the wall getting it on!

The honeymoon stage ‘banging-all-the-time’ sex

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When you first enter into a long-term relationship there is an obsessive phase where you are borderline addicted to each other’s bodies. Suddenly you will view everywhere as a potential shag spot and you’ll be constantly scouting out sneaky sex opportunities.

You should really milk this time for all it’s worth, as, unfortunately, this will eventually die down, and you’ll need all these shag-tastic memories to hold on to.

Quickie sex

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What can we say? It’s a classic! There is nothing like a cheeky sesh in a rushed 10 minutes that’ll get your blood pumping and feeling crazy in love.