Look better naked tonight

Make every night memorable by looking (and feeling) at your most luscious in and out of bed.

Look better naked tonight

Make every night memorable by looking (and feeling) at your most luscious in and out of bed.

Whether you know you’re sex on legs (in which case, good for you) or worry that you’re not the “perfect” shape, it’s time to locate your body’s USP: unique sexy part.

We all have one; it’s that bit that never lets you down. And from now on, it’ll give you a confidence boost every time you think about it, be it your silky skin, beautiful boobs, amazing eyes, perky bum, tumbling hair or shapely legs. There’s bound to be one you can claim asyourUSP, and celebrating it means you can work it in the bedroom to maximum effect.

Of course, everyone has a least favourite body part too: even the most gorgeous celebrities regularly bemoan “big feet” or a “less-than-taut tummy”. But they learn to disguise their worst bits and focus attention on their best assets. Working out how to do that in bed, so that you can look as amazing naked as possible, means you won’t have to waste time worrying – you’ll be too busy having fun instead.


Work it: If your hair is in great condition, or a sexy waterfall of waves, work it by stroking it across his body. “Beforehand, use a smoothing product that prevents flyaway hair, as there’ll be a lot of friction under the covers,” says celeb hairdresser Stuart Phillips. “For naturally wavy hair, plan your seduction and use heated rollers earlier in the day. The shape of the curl may change, but it’ll still look sexy.”

But don’t try a complicated ’do. “Alluring hair is voluminous, clean and clip-free,” says Phillips.

Short hair? Make sure it smells amaze. “Choose shampoo as much for fragrance as its cleansing properties,” Phillips advises. Steer clear of sticky gels and hairspray – you don’t want his hand getting stuck as he runs his fingers through your hair.

Sex it up: Try the “Rapunzel”: wind a section of your tresses gently around his penis. Or tease him by using your hair to conceal your breasts.

Mistress of disguise: If your hair is at that stage between short and long, tie it in a loose bun, says Phillips. “Wearing hair up will elongate your neck. Pull a few tendrils out around your face to soften the look,” he adds. And don’t worry if it tumbles loose – shake it out and drive him wild.


Work it: If you have fabulous legs, show them off! To tone and hone, get skipping, says Fitness First trainer Tamayah Ahmed: “Just 20 minutes, four days a week will help give you a perfect pair.” But when it comes to showing them off, the trick is to keep your heels on in bed. They make your legs look longer – just watch where you’re putting them!

Sex it up: The best position to show off your legs is on your back, ankles on his shoulders, so he can touch and feel their whole length. And doing it in front of a mirror will give him a lot of visual stimulation – seeing your stockings-clad legs wrapped around him will drive him wild.

Mistress of disguise: Don’t love your legs? Just make sure they’re stubble-free and moisturised, and he’ll love how they feel. Detract attention with a pretty bra. Your best position is missionary with your knees bent – so he’ll be looking down at the narrowest part of your thighs – or you on top, which is such a visual feast he won’t be eyeing your legs at all.


Work it: Chances are he’ll already have noticed if your breasts are your USP. In bed, they can definitely handle the spotlight. “Boost your bust with a fabulous bra that pushes everything up,” says Dubberley. “If in doubt, go black lace: it’s always sexy yet sophisticated.” If you’re not comfortable with such a strong look, though, ivory or pale pink can be stunning, especially on darker skins. “Men don’t go for colours like navy blue or green, though – they’re too conservative,” she warns. The most important thing is that you wear the right bra size. “If you have small boobs, a half-cup padded uplift bra is perfect,” says Dubberley. “If you’re a D or more, find a flattering full cup.”

Sex it up: He’ll be entranced by your boobs, so let him make the most of them by going for girl-on-top. Sit proud with your shoulders back and let him know how you like them to be touched. They’ll look their best, and he’ll be able to see and feel them to his heart’s content, too.

Mistress of disguise: If your boobs aren’t quite your favourite part of your anatomy, divert attention by going for sex in the reverse cowgirl position – where you’re on top but facing away from your partner as he lies down – so you feel more confident. Alternatively, manoeuvre yourself into a 69 position: that way, he’ll be far too busy to notice whether your breasts are beestings or basketballs. “If you feel like your bust could be better, wear neutral-coloured bras – but pick lacy ones to keep them sexy,” advises Dubberley. “Something racy like bright red satin won’t help you draw his attention away, and will make you feel more self-conscious.”


Work it: If you reckon your bum is your USP, it can be tricky to ensure he notices its charms without thrusting it in his face. In this case, lingerie is the way to go. “You could wear a G-string, but if it makes you feel self-conscious, try a fab pair of French-cut knickers instead – it’s a sure-fire way to flatter your bum and look hot,” says fashion expert Mark Heyes.

Remember, a relatively big butt can still be your USP. “What you may think is a large booty with love handles actually drives most guys crazy,” adds Heyes. “But avoid G-strings. Try silk undies with scalloped edging, which are flattering as they don’t cling.” Also, apply a shimmery moisturiser on your bum to enhance its natural curves.

Sex it up: Ask him to give you a massage, concentrating on your rear. Not only will it feel great for you, it’ll also leave him in no doubt as to how gorgeous your curves really are. Then go for doggie-style sex: as he holds on to your hips, lean on your forearms, with your back curved and your behind pointing back up towards him. Visually your waist will look narrow, creating a gorgeous “violin” shape.

For an extra thrill, do it sideways facing a mirror, so your guy can enjoy seeing your USP from all angles.

Mistress of disguise: If you’re not so keen on your bum, it’s easy to conceal it by choosing positions that involve lying on your back, or you on top. Floaty French knickers disguise cellulite – and remember, a naked bum always looks smaller than one clad in too-tight briefs. Bear in mind, too, that if he wants to fondle it, that’s ’cos he loves it – so relax.