Louisiana's ridic law stays

The state’s anti-sodomy laws mean it’s basically illegal to be gay, or have anal sex.

Back in 2003, there was a huge legal case in the Supreme Court of the United States that meant it was illegal to have anti-sodomy laws in any state of America. Some states, like Louisiana, prefer to pretend that they didn’t get the memo.

The incredibly offensive law, which has been statute since the ‘70s, went into overdrive last year when police officers began arresting gay men… for flirting with the intent of having anal sex. Yep, seriously.

Here’s the most disappointing part – State Rep Patricia Haynes Smith entered a bill that was to overturn this conservative law (which, may we repeat, technically exists illegally), but it never made it through the House of Representatives. In fact, last week it only got 27 votes for, and a whopping 66 votes against.

Smith pioneered the bill when she discovered it was the police department in her district (East Baton Rouge) who were entrapping men and arresting them. Apparently, it's because they were standing in a park – a family environment – when they said they’d be keen to go home with the cute police officer bait.

Besides just being insulting to gay men, the law also means that heterosexual couples can’t engage in anal sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Sometimes, America is just whack.

The journalist who covered the story on her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow, made us feel not so depressed about the state of affairs by reminding us that on the same day, over in California, the super conservative lawyer who fought to keep the state’s anti-gay laws in place said his views “are evolving”.

Let’s hope so, because his daughter plans on getting married pretty soon… and she’s a lesbian.