You want me to inject my WHAT?

Condomless birth control for men will be here by 2017.

By Lorna Gray

WOAH, huge news! A non-hormonal male birth control called Vasalgel is on its way and could be on the market by 2017.

So, how does it work? Developed by the Parsemus Foundation, the product works by injecting a polymer into the vas deferens, blocking sperm in pretty much the same way a vasectomy would… So it’s essentially an injection in his peen.

But this wouldn’t be permanent. Although it’s effective for an extended period of time, men can let their sperm get back up to speed by getting another injection to unblock the pipes.

And unlike most forms of female birth control, it won’t affect their hormones. Well can you IMAGINE having to cope with male PMT?!

This totally got us thinking… why HAS it taken so long for male birth control to become readily available? The Pill was approved over 50 years ago and the burden of birth control has been largely upon us ever since. Sure, condoms are traditionally the first defense but when we’re in long-term relationships and want to ditch the rubbers we take pills (that can sometimes drive us mad!), get injections, implants, all with a variety of side effects/pain. And dudes are safe in the knowledge it’s taken care of. Not fair.

However, something tells us men aren’t going to be keen on these peen injections and it’ll still fall on us girls to sort out contraception. Indeed, a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found 80% of men and 89% of women agreed that "women feel more responsibility for the children they bear than men," so naturally feel responsible. Could penis injections be the answer to this disparity?!

The Parsemus Foundation are also worried a low-cost form of birth control that only requires treatment a handful of times a year will be met with resistance from the billion-dollar female birth control industry. Huh.

What do you think ladies? Would you want your man to get a jab? Tell us @CosmoAustralia