Meet the Go-Pro of sex toys

This vibrator has a camera in it so you can really get to know yourself. Like, reeeeally.

Svakom, a company based in China, has a new innovation that looks set to revolutionise the sex toy landscape. Kind of.

This new-fandangle sex toy – the Gaga – is a small vibrator which contains a camera lens and a light, in case you wanted to see exactly what was going on in there. Or show your partner more of yourself than you ever have before.

But wait! There are more great features – you can charge it using just your laptop and a USB cable (great for travellers), it’s rechargeable, and it can be controlled remotely via app. So, long distance lovers, this could be the gadget for you!

We should also mention, it comes in three stylish colours. As the Gaga’s marketing team says, it “shares the exclusive right of gynecologist with you. Not only making you a better understanding and attention of your lover, but also making much fun for you.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.